The Facts for Successful Marriage Counseling

These Facts Are:

  1.  Both must have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and must seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Each person must live to first, please the Lord.
  2. Never stop communicating.  But be careful of what you say, how you say it, and when you say it (know when to be quiet).
  3. Always try to work out your problems between yourselves.  Inviting the wrong people in, could make the matter worse.  Always seek wise counseling.
  4. Disconnect from all past love relationships.
  5. Know that you no longer can live just to please yourself only.  Always consider pleasing your mate.
  6. Be willing to say “I am sorry” and “I was wrong,” quickly (Men usually find this hard to do)
  7. Develop the habit of praying together.  As well as reading or studying the Word of God.  Put God first everyday.
  8. Sexual activity outside of the marriage is definitely not allowed.  Are you sexually active?**  (If yes, ask them to repent, and stop all sexual activity until after the wedding, or move the wedding date up to a sooner date)
  9. Know your main role in the marriage:  The husband is to be the priest, provider and protector.  The wife is to be the homemaker, helper and intercessor.
  10. Know that you cannot change your mate, only God can, so work on improving yourself.
  11. Whoever is best at money management should handle the money.
  12. Your order of love is first, God, your spouse, and yourself.
  13. Do things together, but be willing to give each other some space, you must trust each other.
  14. Know that marriage is a life commitment to this person, be sure that you are ready to be married.
  15. Make church attendance the high point of your week.  Worship, pray, and be trained together.
  16. Do not allow family to come between you.
  17. When you see the conversation headed to an argument, cut if off, pray, and seek God for the best solution.

**Any questions concerning any of these facts, feel free to contact me for understanding, or more information, Apostle Rufus L. Smalls, 843-875-6238, The Harvest Center Church.

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